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Montage Graphix


The Montage Graphix Insert (MGI) is a custom printed PET for encapsulation within custom laminated safety glass. Using transparent inks, unlike other printing methods, high colour vibrancy and saturation are easily achievable, translating to a more impacting print reproduction. Also, MGI is compatible with a range of glass lamination interlayers, and therefore a range of lamination methods, including either autoclave or autoclave free, providing few restrictions to working with the product. MGI is uniquely different to other generic printed PET inserts or interlayers, and time has shown that you can have peace of mind about the durability and stability of the product, having been used in a wide range of applications to date.



  • Laminate with EVA, PVB, TPU
  • Ease of handling & storage – no special storage required
  • Laminate at ~ 120 degrees C (requires testing)
  • Can laminate in flat glass and curved glass panels


Our glass manufacturing partners have used our product in a variety of settings, and individual products have achieved the following safety glass criteria: EN12543-4 (Europe), ANSI Z97.1 (North America), AS/NZ AS2208 (Australia). All certification is carried out by the individual glass laminator.


  • High resolution printing up to 1440 dpi
  • Highest colour saturation & vibrancy
  • Transparent inks – clear and crisp – not translucent / semi opaque
  • Stable in outdoor applications when suitably laminated
  • Custom colour matching to a broad spectrum of colour systems including Pantone, RAL and more

About Us

Montage Graphix was established in Australia in 1988 as a high-end graphic arts company. In 2004, Montage saw the opportunity to focus its expertise in colour reproduction to create a new product for the glass market. Montage’s innovation brings vibrant color to transparent substrate for use in glass for all applications – indoor and outdoor.

Montage Graphix continues to produce the quality product it has become know for in its premises in Sydney, Australia, trading under Montage Graphix again, with the same production personnel, technology and expertise. All projects pictured were produced in Australia under production director David Kelly and his dedicated team for Montage Graphix. We work with glass companies, architects, designers and artists as partners or as a direct supplier to provide an individualized and quality product for all our clients.



Montage Graphix


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Production Office

Unit C3/20-28 Carrington Road

Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia

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